Skincare Products

Las Vegas patients trust and appreciate the expertise of spa staff at Chic la Vie Med Spa. especially when it comes to recommending skincare products that achieve the best results possible. Our med spa team provides cosmetically enhancing products that are safe and effective.



The SkinCeuticals skincare line is made in the U.S. and was born from decades of skin cancer research, leading to momentous breakthroughs in antioxidants, creating high-potency formulas of pure actives that have been proven to penetrate optimally into your skin.

SkinCeuticals provides advanced skincare products that correct signs of aging, protect healthy skin, and prevent future damage. This line often is used by physicians and plastic cosmetic surgeons. SkinCeuticals is dedicated to its physicians , patients, performing clinically validated research and – most importantly – developing highly effective skincare formulations. SkinCeuticals continuously performs rigorous clinical testing on its products and formulas in order to provide its user with products unparalleled in their quality.